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Folks: We're All Dead music promo

Folks: We're All Dead music promo

A music promo made for the single release of We're All Dead by Folks.

The band approached me with the creative idea of using images of famous, influential people both dead and alive with the proviso of editing between them to fit within the context of the song.

In-post, I cut out the images of the faces then morphed between them to creative a dynamic edit to work with the rhythm of the music. I added flairs and grain and overlaying textures to give the film the tone and creative direction which I felt best represented the pace and feel of the music and included on -screen lyrics where they best represented the key points in the track. Unusually for a music edit, at no point did I become bored with the track even after hearing it hundreds of times, which I feel is testament to what a beautiful single it is.

One of those rare jobs that is a true pleasure from start to finish to work on.

Music: Folks - We're All Dead
Video: Rob Simpkins